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My name is Larissa Klinger.

I live in NYC and am an actor, director, and entrepreneur. I want to make sustainable living ideas and tips more accessible to my friends, family and people of all ages, races, walks of life. I care about the arts, community, healthy eating, and living sustainably. I believe that you can live the life you want while being thrifty. The Article started as a way for me to document what it looked like to make changes in my lifestyle that would positively impact the environment, my health, and my wallet.

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What is 


When I began my sustainability journey, I realized I loved researching and reading articles on being thrifty and living a healthier, sustainable lifestyle. At the same time, I started reselling clothing articles from my own closet.


And that was the start of The Article - documenting my own discoveries with two to five minute reads on sustainable living and a shop full of vintage sustainable style options.

sustainable and healthy living | thrifty and mindful spending | sustainable fashion

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