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Basics of Being a Sustainable Clothes Reseller

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

So you started reselling clothing online. Congratulations! You are officially making a difference.

Did you know that by simply being a reseller you already are making such a positive impact on the environment by helping to slow textile waste? Even if you got into reselling just to make a little extra money here or there, the fact is only 10-15% of what gets donated to secondhand shops actually gets purchased. So if you are out there sourcing secondhand and doing the work to re-home some of these items, you are keeping more from ending up in a landfill.

But how do you take it to the next level and become a sustainable seller? Let’s break down some of the components that we will look at in this portion of The Article that can help your shop have a greater impact.


Sourcing secondhand--not drop shipping from manufacturers whose practices are unethical.

Sourcing mindfully--not hoarding more than you can possibly sell.

Click HERE for more on sustainable sourcing.


Reusing and repurposing materials.

Choosing recyclable/compostable mailers.

Eliminating plastic waste and non-recyclable materials.

Include information on packaging disposal.

Encouraging bundle sales.

Click HERE for more on Sustainable Packaging.

Personal Supplies:

Bringing a reusable bag when sourcing.

Making switches to products you use to clean and prep your articles for sale/shipping.

Click HERE for more on Sustainable Personal Supplies.

This will be a place where I can share what I’ve implemented along the way as I transitioned into a full-time reseller. As well as a place to pass along some reseller tips and tricks. Make sure to sign up for the newsletter to be first to know when a new Article drops.

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