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How to Remove Pit Stains from Clothing

Pit stains can be difficult, if not impossible to to remove. Before you toss out your favorite white shirt or blouse with yellow discoloration on the armpits, read on to learn how to remove stains with an easy-to-make, earth friendly, DIY solution.

What are pit stains?

Pit stains occur when the proteins in your sweat react with the aluminum and other chemicals in your deodorant. The apocrine sweat glands, which are the glands in your underarms. produce a different type of sweat than the eccrine glands (the glands everywhere else). Apocrine sweat is full of fats and proteins, which contributes to stains and odor. Aluminum is an active ingredient in most antiperspirants, and when it mixes with your armpit sweat it results in a pesky yellow stain.

How to stop pit stains?

The best way to stop pit stains is to switch to an aluminum free deodorant!

If that is not something you are willing to do, here are some suggestions for preventing staining in the armpits of your clothing:

*Apply a thin even layer of deodorant.

*Allow your deodorant to dry on your skin before putting on your shirt.

*Launder your sweaty clothes right away so sweat doesn't set into the clothing.

How to remove Pit Stains:

Mix together equal parts:

(1 T each is a good place to start for basic pit stains)

Baking Soda

Hydrogen Peroxide

Castile Soap or Dish Soap

Add a pinch of Super Washing Soda

The combination of the baking soda and Castile soap helps to pull the stain out, while Hydrogen peroxide helps to break down the protein in sweat stains.

Whisk these ingredients together until they become a paste. Thoroughly saturate the stain and then use a gentle brush or your fingers to work the solution into the garment. Let the solution sit until it starts to dry. Throw the article in the wash or hand wash for delicate items.

**Always test stain removers and cleaners on colored clothing before using. Hydrogen peroxide is a mild bleaching agent and lighten and material that isn't colorfast. I recommend dabbing a small amount of your stain remover on an interior seam to make sure the color won't be altered.

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