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A better way to Dry Clean

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

It’s no secret—dry cleaning is bad for the environment.

In the US about 70% of all dry cleaners use perchloroethylene (PERC), a known toxic air pollutant, as a cleaning solvent. Chemicals in this substance can react in the air to form ground level ozone (smog).

PERC is as dangerous for human health as it is for the environment. It is classified as a probable carcinogen and can enter the body through respiration or through the skin.

So are there alternatives to Dry Cleaning?

It is important to note that most natural fibers can be washed at home in water with gentle care and gentle soap. This is the method I use 95% of the time. Always use your discretion when it comes to delicate fibers and seaming,

Steaming and vodka spraying are also methods of sanitizing an article that doesn’t need major cleaning. This method will help to kill bacteria and odor as any costumer could tell you.

At Home Dry Cleaning kit

But what to do when you come across an article that is synthetic, structured, and can't get wet--but needs to be sanitized and freshened?

As I continued to search for economical and earth friendly ways to clean clothing for my vintage resale business, I came across the Dryel at home Dry Cleaner Starter Kit and the Dryel At Home Dry Cleaner Kit. It seemed too good to be true, but after researching the company and reading up on the ingredient lists, I decided to give it a try. While it is not 100% non-toxic because of chemical fragrance in the cleaning solution, and it does include some single-use plastic in the packaging, it is definitely a more earth-friendly alternative to dry cleaning.

How to use Dryel

The kit comes with:

- a stain pen

- a boosting spray (to release odors and wrinkles)

- an activated cleaning cloth (this releases steam that kills bacteria and removes odors)

-a fabric protection bag.

Use the pen on small stains.

Spray entire garment with the boosting spray (especially armpits and anywhere sweat might have affected the article).

Add an activated cleaning cloth to the protection bag.

Place article in bag and zip closed.

Place in dryer for 15-30 minutes.

This kit comes with 14 cloths so it costs around $1.50 per 1-2 articles. It is easy to purchase refill spray and cleaning cloths when needed.

Overall, this has saved me time and money, as well as being a more eco-friendly dry cleaning option!

Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, I will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalize a purchase.

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Maria Ferreira Docampo
Maria Ferreira Docampo
Nov 03, 2023

Hello! Wouldn't some articles like wool suits shrink when putting in the dryer? Thank you so much, so useful!

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