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Bucket Hat Pattern: What to do with your fabric scraps.

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

My obsession with bucket hats dates back to middle school and I am so excited they are hot this summer. Keep reading to the end to find out how you can make your own bucket hat just like mine.

My basket of fabric remnants and scraps started overflowing in 2020. My sewing machine was seeing more action than it ever had--making masks and fun rework projects. My passion for vintage fashion and reworked items meant I got to source, rescue and create great pieces, but it also meant I had a mountain of material and clothing scraps left over!

So I started brainstorming ways to use these scraps instead of tossing them away in the trash. That's when my love of bucket hats came in to play. After some trial and error (and lots of seam ripping), I created a pattern that would allow me to use these smaller pieces of material. I was able to use all kinds of material too-- from colorful prints from dresses and shirts, to various shades of denim from the cut-off portion from jeans--to create so many unique hats from my pile of fabric remnants.

17 Million tons of textile waste end up in landfills every year. Is it going to make a difference if I make a few bucket hats out of scraps instead of throwing the fabric away? No. Not really. Not in the short term anyway, but...

If lots of people, just like you, make a bucket hat it could make a small difference. It will make an even bigger difference if when the hat gets worn, and someone comments on it, and the person wearing it is able to spread the message that sustainability matters. That's how these things start. And you can get started by

clicking the link download my pattern for free!

Make sure to watch the YouTube tutorial to assist you!

Reversible bucket hats made from salvaged vintage fabric scraps--taking up cycling and zero waste to the next level of trending fashion!

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