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Good Style is dressing in a way that is true to you.

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Dressing for yourself is not a concept that is preached by the fashion industry. We have been conditioned by them to have a fear of dressing “wrong” or “bad” so we often forget to tap into our own creativity and dress for ourselves.

The formula for having “good style” is simple. Dress for YOU. When you own the look, it transforms the articles of clothing you wear.

Take the time to develop your personal style. Knowing which looks, colors, and silhouettes bring out the best parts of your personality is key to starting to discover what style is most true to you.

Find your own confidence and comfort in the things you add to your wardrobe. Remember that physical and psychological comfort are two different things—and both important.

Good style doesn’t have to be brand new and expensive. It doesn’t need to be name brand or trendy. With some practice you creatively craft looks that embody all your fashion desires.

Good style can be achieved at any age on any body type! Do not buy into the lies that you have to stop wearing certain things after a certain age. If you want to wear something, no matter your age of body type—go for it!

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