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Tips for finding your Personal Style- Cultivating Style that Transcends Trends

We are surrounded by information about fashion that has a tendency to make us feel small. Fast fashion brands are pumping new trends out at a rate that will make your head spin. Influencers are telling us what we need if we want to “keep up.” We are immersed in a digital world where bright flashy advertising awaits us at every click and swipe.

If any of this has made you feel small, inadequate, or made your confidence waiver—that’s understandable!

To combat this, take time to appreciate, evaluate and cultivate your own personal style. That’s true self-expression!

Understanding your personal style not only boosts confidence, but it is one of the best ways to start out on your sustainable style journey. As you learn what looks good on you, and what sparks joy it will help you not over-consume clothing items that will just sit in your closet unworn.

Here are five steps to help you in your personal style journey:

1- Write down personality traits about yourself that you love (and things that make your heart sing) so you can start to know what’s “you.” Clothing can help bring out the personality traits you love most about yourself. These can be character qualities as well as things you are passionate about. For example, I love my joyful spirit and feel most happy when I am connected with the outdoors/nature. Knowing these things about myself helps me find joyful and playful clothing as well as earthy inspired articles.

2- Start an inspiration board (Pinterest, Instagram) that looks beyond the usual style icons. Having a place where you can keep ideas and inspirations together is so important. It helps you target what you are most drawn to, keeps you focused when shopping so you aren't tempted to over consume styles that aren't part of your personal style plan, as well as gives inspiration for how to style the articles you bring into your wardrobe. These inspirations can come from everyday people, small businesses or even friends!

3- Appreciate your body shape and the silhouettes that you find most flattering to it. We are all shaped uniquely and are drawn differently to silhouettes that flatter our shapes. Finding a love for your shape is key. It will help you love dressing it and understanding what makes you most happy. Take note when a certain style or cut makes you feel good so you can learn to recreate and replicate that fit.

4- Pick colors that help radiate your soul. This is such an underestimated step of finding your personal style. Even if you are someone who appreciates color in general, knowing what shades, tones and depths of color you are most drawn to will help you fill your closet with pieces that inspire you and make you feel you. For example, I love green. That doesn't mean my entire wardrobe is green, it just means I have some incredible staple in my closet that are shades of green that bring joy, confidence, and help me feel the most me.

5- Build on timeless, classic basics. Timeless basics will serve you well for years and years. They are one of the sustainable things you can add to your wardrobe as you never have to worry about them going "out of style." These articles are great for everyday wear and can dresses up or down.


You got this! And if you need help or inspiration, I’m here curating sustainable styles and looks of all kinds... wanting to help you find the perfect fits!

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