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Let Your Clothing Tell the Story that Sustainability Matters

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

This is a vintage sweater.

With original tags still attached.

But, it is more than just a sweater.

It is a piece of history.

A snapshot of the 1980s.

It has a story.

It also represents the estimated 1,800 gallons of water and CO2 emissions equivalent to a car driving 80 miles that it took to produce this article.

This sweater was on its way to a landfill.

Until I rescued it.

Cleaned it.

Measured and styled it.

So that YOU can own it.

And take part in slowing textile waste.

Letting the story and the significance of shopping small and secondhand be heard.

Because when you look super cute—someone WILL ask ...

Where did you get that sweater?

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