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Use your outfit to make an impression before anything else.

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

We’ve all heard the saying—A picture is worth a thousand words.

Similarly, you can use your outfit to make an impression before anything else. You have the chance to express yourself, your story, your creativity, your mood... all by putting in the work to discover your personal style.


For a reminder on how to do the work, check out my previous posts on dressing in a way that transcends trends, evolving your style as you grow and change, and letting your style be true to you.


Your outfit can become a display of the work you have done to know yourself and to know what makes you feel confident and comfortable.


This is also a key part in thinking sustainably with your style! It informs what you buy. You will start to be more intentional with what you bring into your collection, and be more likely to wear and repeat wear what you have. It will also be more clear when it is time to let something go.

And if you’ve done the work—you’ll be happy for your outfit to be your first impression...your handshake to the world.

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